Why does RealBlocks need to utilize blockchain technology?

By using a proprietary, blockchain-based, subscription process, RealBlocks is designed to enable increased efficiency and access, allowing investors around the world to directly purchase micro-shares in funds using either fiat currency (i.e. USD) or cryptocurrency.

Global Access - Blockchain is a mechanism for global distribution and RealBlocks seeks to leverage this technology to more efficiently access pools of capital around the world. We believe this capability creates a new avenue for sponsors to raise capital and investors to acquire institutional deal flow in a more transparent environment.

Liquidity - We believe the peer-to-peer trading of tokenized ownership on RealBlocks will provide investors access to greater liquidity. Ultimately, we hope to provide investors an ability to trade their interests on a security token exchange.

Transaction Privacy - One of the biggest drawbacks of using cryptocurrency is the public nature of transactions. Exposing large transactions on a public blockchain can have many adverse effects, including front-running, price slippage, and general discovery of a user’s assets. To prevent this, RealBlocks is developing a peer-to-peer trading mechanism that will be designed to fully encrypt both balances of wallets and transactions details on the blockchain. This is intended to allow users to exchange shares with users around the world without compromising their sensitive information, all while automatically adhering to applicable security regulations.

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