What differentiates you from investing in real estate through traditional means?

RealBlocks is designed to limit existing friction points for investors so that they can efficiently onboard and acquire fractional interest in real estate.

Rather than requiring investors to purchase entire assets or portfolios, we offer investors the option to purchase fractional interest in private market real estate deals through a fund structure. This capability allows investors on our platform the opportunity to further diversify their capital among real estate investments across the United States. In addition, we believe that investors on our platform will have higher liquidity flexibility.

Acquiring and disposing of whole real estate assets is a timely process that often requires high fees and does not always provide a guaranteed result. We are creating a platform designed to exchange fractional interests and, as a result, liquidate ownership of interests in real estate assets in a timely, peer-to-peer format; features that do not exist in the current real estate investment ecosystem.

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